Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Unless You Are A Doctor , Shut The Hell Up!

Although I'm posting about my kicking the burger habit, I haven't told any of my real-life friends (nobody reads this as far as I know). Here's what I hate about dieting, everybody's a fucking expert. You shouldn't eat those, you should do it this way and all kinds of unwanted, free advice flows my way from well meaning people.

If you really want to help me, shut the hell up.

I'm serious, I could give a fuck what you saw on Oprah and I don't care what your doctor told YOU. Don't tell me what you read in a book or heard on the radio and for God's sake don't tell me what you read on the internet. Shut up. First off, I have spent months talking with a dietition and doing some serious reading on eating healthy and I have to do things my way or I will not succeed.

In short, unless you are a doctor, I am smarter than you.

I'm the guy who has to live in this body, not you. I know what I can and can't do with it. I also have taken an honest look at my life and looked at what has worked and what has not. I lost 80lbs back in 1981 by cutting back on what I ate. I had gotten braces and wanted to keep the dental care to a minimum. That's what I'm sort of doing now. Along with my turkey sandwhich I've got pickles and I'm going to pick up dried fruit to nibble on.

You see, someone has to come along and give their opinion and it pisses me off. Anything that I eat now is 1000 times better than fast food, it's as simple as that. Yes, a pickle has a lot of salt, so the fuck what? Is it or is it not healthier than a #2 (Double Whopper w/Cheese and large fries)? Yes! Yes it is! So either shove that pickle up your ass or shut the hell up and leave me in peace. Don't talk to me about calories, starch or carbs, honestley, unless you're a doctor, you haven't got a clue as to what you're talking about.

Why do you have to be a doctor for me to listen to you? First off, the whole Medical School thing comes to play when a doctor talks to you about health. Doctors are to busy doctoring and playing golf to watch Oprah or read the latest celebrity diet book. So when a doctor gives me dietary advice it's from something he learned in Med School or read in a medical journal, not a tip from Doctor Phil (Yes, Dr Phil Mcgraw IS a doctor, and if I need psychologist he'd be the first guy I call).

When you weigh in with your stupid advice, you undermine me or the person who's trying to loose weight and change their life.

So shut your stupid mouth.

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