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9/23/2006 - A Possible Nightmare

Nightmare Scenario

There has been a lot of hype and vitriol surrounding Iran and its nuclear aims. Clearly most of it is actually coming from Iran, but the western press is taking the bait for some unknown and unwise reason. There have been columns and cable-news talk shows dedicated to “What we have to do about Iran” ; at first they trotted out “Experts” (usually ex-CIA, ex-State Department or officials from former administrations – most of whom are responsible for Iran becoming what it is today) who extolled their wisdoms upon the viewers. It was actually sad to watch Admiral Stansfield Turner criticize the Bush administration over the way it’s handling Iran. It was Turner’s CIA that failed to see the coming Iranian revolution and head it off. That lead to the fall of the Shah and the rise of Shiite fundamentalism in Iran, which lead to the Iran/Iraq war, which lead to Desert Storm, which lead to 9/11 and that lead to us being in Iraq today. The only thing more sad has been watching Democrats jump into the fray and criticize Bush on Iran, even though his handling of the situation has been above average and wise. However, the morons on both sides of the isle are beginning to push Bush into a corner, demanding some kind of action and tougher talk towards Iran and this is dangerous.
Most people have forgotten that Iran is the primary exporter of Islamic terror around the world. They have a global reach that extends to Argentina, Peru, Norway, Moscow, the South Pacific and even the United States. Terrorist groups with ties to Iran have killed people in all of those countries. Iran also has missiles that can hit Saudi and other oil fields in the Middle East that we rely upon for importing. People rant about a first-strike on Iran like it’s going to be a cake walk. They don’t think about what happens the next day. Iran invented the suicide bomber in Lebanon and they have recruited THOUSANDS more over the years. It’s the most effective tactic against the United States; it’s worked against us from the Plains Indian Wars to the Kamikazes of WWII. I want to reveal to you Iran’s perfect “Kill Shot” against the U.S., one that could bring us down in multiple ways and destroy huge sectors of our economy and our society. A simple shot that will isolate us from even our closest allies and make us the target of universal world hate for years to come.


It’s a Saturday, Americans are watching college football, mowing the lawn or out and about on this weekend day. Suddenly T.V. sets go silent, followed by the words “Breaking News” and then respective anchor people appear on the screen at their desks with people running around in the background behind them. They begin to report that Tehran has been destroyed by a nuclear explosion and that the expected loss of life will be devastating. The White House has no comment and the Pentagon is scrambling for information as well. Within hours the streets of the western world become empty as people who heard the news raced home to sit in front of their televisions. As the sun rises in Europe, leaders there demand an explanation from the United States government. As the sun sets in the United States, an emergency session of Congress continues even though none of them know what’s going on. The White House then releases a statement of condolence to the people of Iran, offering aid of any kind. It also says that the event is still under investigation and that the cause of the blast is unknown. In Iran, the emergency government thinks it knows where the bomb came from and on a live broadcast that is carried world wide they blame the United States and Israel. “Who else has this capability?” they ask. “Who else has been threatened by us and in turn threatened Iran?”
The diplomatic phone calls from Europe flood the embassies of the U.S. demanding answers and then demanding an apology. Israel issues an angry statement denying any attack upon Iran. The United States also denies any such action, at first from the Pentagon, the State Department and then finally in a speech from the President himself. He states that specialized US Air Force planes are sampling the fallout cloud that is now over Afghanistan and should be able to determine the source of the Plutonium and therefore the culprit. Iranian officials are on the air immediately to denounce the President. They then run footage of a number of Iranians who claim to have seen a cruise missile streaking low through the mountains, low enough to see the American flag on the tail. The Pentagon is quick to deny this, stating that all of the nuclear warheads in the US arsenal are accounted for and that the UN and the Russian governments are welcome to re-inspect and confirm this at any time.

However, the world doesn’t believe the United States anymore.

In the following weeks, sanctions are put on the United States to demand its total disarmament. Europe cuts off all imports from and exports to the US in support of these sanctions, as does Japan and China and Central American countries. Shelves in department stores across the nation empty as items are sold out that cannot be restocked because they are made over seas. Wal Marts , Target, Macy’s, Circuit City and eventually every major retailer is forced to close the doors of many of it’s stores or cut their staff dramatically because it can find only a few products made in the US. As the United States holds fast, proclaiming its innocence, the sanctions continue to eat away at the American fabric. Computers and other electronic devices begin to fail and cannot be replaced because their components are come from overseas; this affects hospitals, airports, electric companies and water plants. Even though the United States has proof that the nuclear weapon was not American, these claims are followed by footage of desolation in Tehran along with the melted survivors of the outlying city on European and Asian television. They are always keen to show the kids with the melted faces too. The world is deaf to our pleas and the sanctions continue. Within a year, half of the American workforce is unemployed and the other half has had its wages slashed to the bone. Gas is rationed and many small towns have been abandoned by their citizens who’ve been forced to large cities for any kind of assistance.
The 2008 elections are divided along two lines: Disarmament and Standing Tall. The people who want us to disarm believe that the Government is lying about its innocence and that did in fact strike Iran. The folks who want the US to stand tall (alone) ask the question “What if you’re wrong and we disarm? Someone out there used a nuke on a city without provocation, what makes you think we won’t be next?”

I’d love to go on and say who wins but in today’s world I couldn’t even begin to guess. The fact is that while such a scenario would have dire consequences in the initial three years, the long term would be amazing in that Americans would be forced into self-reliance again. In essence we would make our own stuff again. The problem is what would happen in those three hard years? Does America have the balls anymore? Does it have the brains? The answers to those two questions are a frightening as an Iranian A-Bomb any day.

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