Saturday, November 24, 2007

Defending Ben Affleck

Look, it's not his fault.

Okay, I know that there's an entire industry that has built up like a Silver mine boom camp around making fun of Ben Affleck and putting the guy down. I just want to know why? Seriously, what did Ben Affleck do to warrant the derision that is now heaped upon him whenever he does a new movie project? Did he run over a puppy?

Look, the guy never expected to end up on the "A-List", he just wanted to act in movies and write one here and there. The problem was that his first major efforts were actually very damn good and compounding things was the fact that he's a good looking dude. He was offered a bunch of high paying leading-man parts in what turned out to be crappy movies. You would have done the same thing? No? Bullshit! You expect me to believe that if some Hollywood producer offers you $7million to be in a movie where you play a fighter pilot and make out with a hot actress babe that you are going to tell him no? If so, why are you even reading my blog? Jeez, give me that money and tell whats-her-face to buy birthcontrol because I'm going to give it my all, beeeaaaaytch! Ben just did what any guy with half a brain would have done in his place, so why crusify the man?
It can't be because of his high-profile romances. No way. Come on, they guy dated Gwyneth Paltrow back when she was still hot. Then he got to nail Jennifer Lopez (with the ass that launched a thousand ships) at a time when she was miss hotstuff. Then Jennifer Garner straightened his ass out and he married her. The man is not a dipshit. Plus, who makes fun of a guy for dating the hottest women on the planet anyway? What the hell is wrong with you? Ben should be issued some kind of a plaque or have a statue built or something.

So what's the deal?

Maybe it's because his good friend is Matt Damon and Matt has made different choices with his career and has gone the opposite direction from Ben. At least it depends on how you look at it. Ben seemed to have picked his movie roles based on how much fun the movie was going to be to make while Matt was willing to push himself into different directions. At their core they're both good actors it's just that Ben plays "Dom" to Matt's Joe DiMaggio, that's all. In the long run I think Ben's going to do some more good stuff and eventually folks will start picking on someone else.

Ben's a good guy and he's going to be okay.

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